Belgian prosecutors confirm link between Paris attacks and one suspect of Tuesday’s attack

Police cars from PixabayBelgian prosecutors have confirmed the link between the Paris attacks and one of the suspects from Tuesday’s attack. A major anti-terror raid has been conducted across the Belgian capital this afternoon. A number of explosions have been reported while it’s understood one person has been detained in police raids in the Brussels neighbourhood of Schaerbeek. In the last 24 hours, European police forces in 3 countries have arrested 11 people in terror raids. The latest in Brussels in Schaerbeek’s Place Meiser where a suspect was shot before his arrest. In addition, the Belgian prosecutor has now confirmed Najim Laachraoui as the second suicide attacker at the Brussels airport bombing. The prosecutor’s office has also confirmed that DNA traces from Najim Laachraoui were found on devices used in the Bataclan and Stade de France attacks. Meanwhile the US says its forces have killed a senior leader of so-called Islamic State – and several other members of the group. America’s defence secretary says yesterday’s operation in Syria will hinder the network’s operations there and in Iraq. Ash Carter says the man is the second senior leader to be killed this month.