Banking Inquiry report may be delayed because of internal probe

The banking inquiry admits that its final report may be delayed because of an internal investigation into its own operations. Dail Chamber The Committee will continue its hearings today, with former ministers Mary Harney and John Gormley among those giving evidence. The Banking Inquiry’s final report was due to be issued in November but may be delayed, depending on the findings of an internal review by a senior council. Senan Allen is looking into claims from a staff whistleblower that inquiry staff gave undue preference to some state bodies, when they gave evidence. Meanwhile, the Former Tanaiste Mary Harney and former Environment Minister and Green Party leader John Gormley will both come before the inquiry today to give evidence. Both had key roles in the run-up to the financial crisis, and will be asked about crisis management, the bank guarantee decision and whether alternatives to nationalisation were considered for Anglo Irish Bank. They will also be questioned on the role and influence of the European Central Bank. Two former officials of EBS will also give evidence to the committee.