Aqua Dome chairman warns of litigation culture and says system isn’t just

The Aqua Dome, Tralee

The chairman of the company which runs the  Aqua Dome in Tralee has criticised  ‘litigation culture’ and says the system is unjust.

Chairman of Tralee Waterworld plc, Denis Reen, has made the comments in the company’s annual report.

The report shows that the Aqua Dome made an annual profit of €94,284 for the year ended, April 30th last.

In contrast, the business, which is one of the country’s largest indoor waterworld facilities, made a profit of €19,994 for 2015.

The chairman of Tralee Waterworld plc, which operates the Aqua Dome, has warned in his report that the litigation culture continues to haunt the business and if anything, it’s on the increase.

Denis Reen says the ‘injustice’ of the system is that whether they win or lose, it costs them money they can ill afford.

Mr Reen says that after some very difficult years, they have turned the corner and are least showing a modest profit once again.

Turnover for 2016 was over 1 million euro, compared to more than 967 thousand euro for the previous year, according to Tralee Waterworld’s annual report.

Mr Reen says the Aqua Dome has not increased its prices in seven years and with costs increasing on an annual basis, this will have to be looked at in the future.

The AGM of Tralee Waterworld plc will take place at the Brandon Hotel, Tralee on December 12th.

The directors don’t recommend payment of a final dividend.