American woman forced to leave Kerry due to income requirements

Main St KenmareAn American woman ,who has lived in Kenmare since 2013, has been told she has to return to the USA as she does not have an annual income of €50,000. Jane Fadely fell in love with Kerry after her first trip in 2009 – in 2013 she made the decision to leave Southern California and re-locate to Kenmare. Jane Fadely moved to Kenmare in 2013. She says, in her research, she was told by an immigration officer that she needed to show an income of $30,000 and that she had health insurance. This was to ensure she wouldn’t be a burden on the Irish State or the health service. She was subsequently granted permission to stay for 12 months and upon settling said Kerry, and Ireland, had “exceeded her expectations” in every way. Jane Fadely Jane was required to re-apply for a visa every 12 months – but she was denied permission to stay this year due to a change in minimum income levels required. Since March 2015, the Ireland Naturalisation and Immigration Service requires that non-EU retirees who wish to move to Ireland, have an annual income of no less than €50,000. She said, in her letter appealing the decision, she suggested people in her situation could instead deposit money as a guarantee to the State, for the duration of her stay. [audio_player src=””] Now however Jane feels, she feels she has no choice but to return to the USA next month.