Almost 240 water outages in Kerry in 2015

There were almost 240 bursts on water mains in Kerry in 2015, according to Irish Water. Irish Water The utility says that it invested over €8 million in improving water supply and water quality in the county during the past year. Irish Water, which is responsible for the county’s water infrastructure, says there were 38 planned outages in the supply in Kerry in 2015. There were 237 unplanned water outages however, most of them in the mid-Kerry area. At one point in December, hundreds of customers in the greater Beaufort area were without a water supply for four days in one week. Irish Water has invested €8.6 million in smaller projects around the county to improve water supply and quality – such projects include water mains rehabilitation and water mains replacement. €1.9 million was invested in upgrades to wastewater infrastructure to date in 2015.