Alexander Pacteau pleads guilty to the murder of Irish nursing student Karen Buckley

A 21 year old man has pleaded guilty to the murder of Karen Buckley in Glasgow in April. The High Court has heard the nurse, from Co Cork, was murdered within minutes of leaving the Sanctuary nightclub in the early hours of April 12th. police scotland Her parents John and Marian, along with her brothers and the family priest are in attendance at this ongoing hearing. This morning in Glasgow High Court Judge Lady Rae expressed her concerns about the indictment before her and entered into legal argument with lawyers for the Crown and the Defence. The court resumed after a brief adjournment and a guilty plea was signed by Alexander Pacteau. The 21 year old arrived in court flanked by 2 prison officers, and dressed in a grey pinstriped suit. Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland then read out the narrative of what happened. The court heard that 24 year old Karen Buckley and her friends arrived at the Sanctuary nightclub at a quarter to midnight on Saturday the 11th of April. Both Alexander Pacteau and Karen left the nightclub at around 1 am and were seen on CCTV footage walking towards his car. Initially the car drove in the direction of Karen s flat, but then parked on Kelvin Road for 12 minutes and 46 seconds. The court heard that this is where Karen lost her life, having been assaulted by Mr Pacteau with a Spanner. She had defensive marks on her arms. When the car drove off, Mr Mulholand says that Karen was dead. The court heard that Mr Pacteau then drove to his flat, stopping to dump Karen’s bag in Dawsholme park.  Karen’s body was later brought into Mr Pacteau’s flat where it remained for almost two days. In the intervening period, Mr Pacteau bought large volumes of caustic soda in an attempt to dispose of the body. When this did not work, Mr Pacteau brought the body in a barrel to a remote farm on the outskirts of Glasgow where he had earlier burned Karen’s clothes, cleaning products,  and a bloody mattress. On Monday afternoon – a neighbour saw Mr Pacteau struggling to carry a barrel from his flat into his car.  A full valet of his car failed to remove all traces of Karen’s blood. That evening, police arrived at his flat where he said he was just coming  to see you. Police noticed that the flat smelled strongly of bleach. They also noticed a toolbox and parcel tape in his bedroom. The 21 year old told police that Karen had been in his flat, but left at four am. Mr Pacteau was eventually arrested on Wednesday, and Karen’s body was discovered by police that evening. The hearing continues.