650 kilometres of Kerry roads in very poor condition

Almost 650 kilometres of Kerry roads are classified as being in very poor condition. Kerry County Council entrance That’s according to a survey carried out by Kerry County Council on non-national roads in the county. Kerry County Council received a restoration improvement grant of over €6.9 million for 2016. Over the past year the local authority has been engaged in a survey of regional and local roads. The study is almost 90 per cent complete with 3,776 kilometres of routes examined. 30 kilometres of regional roads, 114 kilometres of local primary, 219 kilometres of local secondary and 283 kilometres of local tertiary roads are classified as being in very poor condition. However, due to limitations of grant funding just 190 kilometres will be improved under the 2016 to 2018 Restoration Improvement Programme. 970 kilometres of non-national roads have been identified as in need of repair and surface dressing. These will be included in the Restoration Maintenance Programme – last year surface dressing was carried out on 67 kilometres of road under this scheme.