40% of Kerry JobBridge interns didn’t complete their scheme placement last year

40% of JobBridge interns in Kerry did not finish their scheme placements last year. To date nationally JobBridge has attracted the voluntary participation of over 46,500 interns, with almost 4,000 people currently on internships. JobBridge logoJobBridge was introduced in July 2011 in response to the collapse in the economy and a sharp increase in unemployment. The scheme’s aim is to give unemployed people the opportunity to secure work experience. In 2014, there were 330 JobBridge Interns in Kerry – 62% of those completed their placements, with 38% finishing early. This was higher than the national rate of completion that year – of 11,652 participants across the country in 2014, 51% completed their JobBridge placements, while 49% finished early. Last year there was a 2% drop in the number of JobBridge interns completing their placements in Kerry with a 60% completion rate. This means 40% of JobBridge interns in Kerry last year did not finish their JobBridge placement. National completion rates saw a marginal increase of 2% in 2015 – of 10,589 participants, 53% finished out their JobBridge internships. This year, up to March 25th, there were 91 JobBridge interns in Kerry – of those 66% have completed their placement, with 24% finishing early.