38 people in emergency homeless accommodation in Kerry

Thirty eight people – including eight children – are in emergency homeless accommodation in Kerry, according to the local authority. homeless Kerry County Council says there’s been no general increase or decrease in the number of people homeless in the county in recent times. But it says  when helping homeless families, generally the only emergency housing option is a B&B. Kerry County Council says of the 38 in emergency accommodation, 23 are in facilities run by Novas Initiatives, the voluntary agency that helps those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. Of this 23, fifteen are in Arlington Hostel in Tralee town centre and eight are in the Knocklee House facility. Kerry County Council says a further four people are in other hostel accommodation. It says two families are in bed and breakfasts. One family comprises two adults and five children while the other is a single parent with three children. The council says for the most part, B&B is the only emergency option that can be used when families present as homeless. It says the figure of 38 in emergency homeless accommodation reflects an average number of those presenting in need of help in Kerry.