22 per cent rise in sexual offences in Kerry last year

Last year saw an increase in most crimes in Kerry, apart from homicide, drug, and weapons offences. Murder Lixnaw kerry 1Sexual offences rose 22 per cent rise between 2014 and last year. There was also a rise in attempts to murder, robberies, and burglaries according to figures from the Central Statistics Office. Compared to 2014, there was a 22 per cent rise in the number of rapes, sexual assaults, and sexual offences in Kerry last year; 71 were recorded. The number of attempts or threats to murder, assault, and harassment was also up to 474, an 11 per cent increase year on year. There was a 54 per cent rise in fraud and deception in Kerry last year, at 140 incidents. Public order was up eight per cent to 1,649 cases; and there were 394 incidents of arson and criminal damage – a six per cent increase. There was a doubling in the number of robberies and extortion offences from nine to 18. Burglaries rose nine per cent to 391; however thefts were down eight per cent to 1,090. Homicide fell from two to one case, drug offences dropped from 116 to 90 last year, and there was a 15 per cent decrease in weapons and explosives offences, down to 152.